Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nothing like a Hercules and nothing that can replace a Hercules, says Lockheed Martin

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Oct 18, 2011

Even as India and Qatar join the global C-130 operator family, Lockheed Martin is holding its 23rd Hercules Operators’ Conference through Oct. 20. 

About 800 representatives from 34 nations ─ as well as 90 supplier companies ─ are attending to celebrate the C-130J program.

 “We know that the C-130 will be here for decades to come ….. There is nothing like a Hercules and nothing that can replace a Hercules. Some have tried and some are still trying, but the reality is that the aircraft’s concept, design and proven capabilities have been, and still are, the standard for airlift throughout modern history,”  said John Cottam, Lockheed Martin director of C-130 International Operations, proudly.

This year’s theme is “Relevance and Affordability”.

The U.S. Air Force recently received HC-130J Personnel Recovery and MC-130J Special Operations aircraft. At the end of this month, Lockheed Martin will roll out the 250th C-130J Super Hercules - an aircraft destined for Dyess AFB, Texas, which will be the world’s largest C-130J feet operator with 28 aircraft.

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