Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aviator John Travolta is Bombardier’s brand ambassador

Neelam Mathews
Sept 20, 2011

Actor John Travolta, also a licensed jet pilot and an advocate for corporate aviation was welcomed by Bombardier as a brand ambassador for its Learjet, Challenger and Global jets.

With a busy schedule of filming, publicity and charity work, he embodies the persona of the true business traveler - making him an ideal representative for Bombardier Business Aircraft, says the company.

"John is both a film icon and knowledgeable aviator," said Steve Ridolfi, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. "He also recently added the Challenger aircraft to the impressive list of 11 different jets he is qualified to fly, an aircraft that offers him the ability to meet his passion for aviation and demanding business travel requirements all in one. We are thrilled to have him as our brand ambassador."

With an acting career spanning over 30 years, John Travolta has starred in 60 films and has been honored with a number of prestigious film awards and award nominations. He has received two aviation awards - the American Institute of Aeronautics Foundation Award for Excellence in 2003, and the Living Legends Ambassador of Aviation award in 2007. He currently holds 11 pilots licenses for both commercial and business jets.

"Business aviation has always made sense to me in that it offers flexibility, privacy, security, and most importantly, timesaving - meaning I have the ability to keep up with my busy schedule and have more time for my family, which is very important to me," said John Travolta. "On top of that, I'm a pilot - I love to fly. Bombardier designs aircraft as much for the person flying them as for the passenger. I'm proud to represent their aircraft."

Bombardier’s portfolio of 11 models of business aircraft includes the Learjet aircraft, Challenger aircraft and Global jet family.

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