Sunday, February 24, 2013

AirAsia India CEO- A respite from tradition?

Neelam Mathews
Feb 24, 2013 
Before the rumor mill goes amuck, we at AerospaceDiary learn from a pretty reliable source that the new CEO of AirAsia India (I like the sound of that!) will not be from the airline industry. Again, we cannot confirm this and just reporting a strong tailwind.
However, we do know from past history of the airline, there were few airline-associated top guys, starting with founder,Tony Fernandes, who refers to himself as a ‘dreamer’ in his twitter profile, while Azran, the CEO of AirAsia X calls himself a “madhatter running AirAsiaX, or sometimes just running aimlessly. Outdoor freak.or sometimes just freaking out randomly. On a plane!”
Azran in Paris

It is becoming increasingly clear the new guy will also be out of the aviation space, bringing in fresh ideas while the Tatas strive tirelessly with the regulator making it possible for Tony's dream to become a reality.

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