Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mi-17IV damaged with multiple bullet hits

                                                                                     Neelam Mathews
Jan 22, 2013     
Multiple bullet hits extensively damaged the fuel tank, hydraulic system, rotor blades and AC generator resulting in hot oil and fuel gushing into the passenger compartment followed by failure of various systems of an IAF MI-17IV helicopter on a rescue mission to Timalwara helipad on  Jan.18. 
While making an approach for landing the helicopter was hit by ground fire. The helicopter was skillfully manovered and handled by the aircrew and forced landed in a clear patch to minimise further damage, says the IAF. “Despite the extensive damage, our team of motivated and dedicated air warriors worked round the clock that too away from base and successfully repaired the helicopter in record time. 

The helicopter is fully serviceable and back into operations to support the paramilitary forces operating in that area.”

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