Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exclusive! Kingfisher- Double Trouble

Neelam Mathews
Jan 18, 2012

Aerospace Diary learns a Kingfisher flight leaving for Mumbai from Delhi at around 3pm had no valets nor loaders to handle luggage as they decided to demand dues owed to them by the carrier. Aerospace Diary has confirmed they are on strike.

Following the safety scare, which we feel was a bit misconstrued and badly handled last week, the Kingfisher aircraft on the runway returned “due to a technical fault,” that was reported to airport officials. However, passengers inflight had another story to tell. An announcement made by the captain that there was “a burning smell,"  the reason they were not taking off, panicked most who had read the safety story last week.

What a way to instill confidence in your customers! The good news is the flight was full.


  1. Dear Neelam,

    As an Ex-Airline CEO and always been a part of the Team which upheld Indian Aviation, I feel that the article above was quite under the belt blow. Please note most of the Loaders, Pirters etc employed by any Airline are outsourced to several Ground Handlers and these works on different levels of commitments.

    Also any Modern aircraft has adetailed system of display , checks and balances which engages teh Commander with detailed insights of the Aircraft. So turning away from the Active runway, aborting take-off are regular occurences in any Aviation parlance and though many people construte the same as SERIOUS issue, its not. The commander say some snag, reported immediately to ATC, turn around, aborted take-off and came back. Thats for safety of Pax on Board. Kingfisher should be lauded for that not condemned. Thanks


  2. Many thanks. In no way did I mean to imply that the aircraft turning back was a serious issue. I was only saying an announcement that indicated a fire was more prone to panic passengers. Perhaps calling it a technical snag would have fewer hearts beating fast.