Thursday, September 21, 2017

Future of India- Girls in Aviation-A thank You

Neelam Mathews
Sept 21, 2017

A recent visit to Jaipur Airport as part of  Girls in Aviation Day rather well organised by the WAI India chapter, made me think.
We 'older guys' or 'seniors'  as we are often referred to- by the way hate the reference-not because I'm not one, but because it gives a connotation that we know it all. Yet, do we?
All our events are to give 'Gyan' or knowledge to the millennials but do we stop and think, we need to learn from them. Because if we do not, how can we market ideas or anything to them?
At Jaipur, we did it the other way round and the learning was immense. My sincere thanks to the smart disciplined girls and their teacher of Subhodh Public School that could teach us metro types a thing or two about how to queue, not to push, be disciplined and end up being at peace and yet reach their target. Girls, if you read this, the world is tough- but please don't change! And all the best in every job you take in future-you are winners.
To the ATCOs and CNS folks I salute you. And will try to be even more objective in my next story when I criticize you.  I saw how short staffed you are, multi-skilling working against time and yet no complaints. Frankly, I hope the powers that be are reading this and address this issue India wide.
To the HR in Jaipur Airport-Kudos! You have chosen well.

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