Friday, February 19, 2016

Mahindra and BAE Systems extend partnership

19th February 2016 - 9:54by Neelam Mathews in Delhi 
Mahindra and BAE Systems extend partnership
BAE Systems has down-selected Mahindra Defence & Aerospace as its business partner for a proposed in-country Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) facility for ultra-lightweight howitzers for the Indian Army. 
Discussions are ongoing between the US and India for a foreign military sale (FMS) of 145 M777A2howitzers.
‘It is logical for the two companies to partner because of historical proximity and significant investments that both have made over time in an effort to work with each other,’ Rahul Gangal, a partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, told Shephard.
Although a 2008 joint venture for mine-protected vehicles between BAE Systems and Mahindra was later reversed, the former had capitalised resources within Mahindra. These processes ‘are as valuable as work share’, a vendor said.
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