Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Airbus Appoints India’s Dynamatic As Tier One Supplier

 by Neelam Mathews  - February 16, 2015, 12:51 PM
Dynamatic Technologies CEO and managing director Udayant Malhoutra says the company’s appointment as a single source tier one supplier by Airbus significantly boosts the Indian content in the European airframer’s products. [Photo: Neelam Mathews]
Airbus has appointed India’s Dynamatic Technologies as a single source supplier of flap track beams for A330 airliners. The agreement, announced on the eve of this week’s Aero India show in Bangalore, is the largest manufacturing contract awarded by the European airframer to an Indian private sector company and makes Dynamatic a global tier one supplier.
The flap-track work will be divided between Dynamatic’s main factory in Bangalore and the Bristol facility of itsUK subsidiary Dynamatic Oldland. The UK plant is handling some work involving materials such as titanium and aluminum for which the Indian facility is not yet certified. Dynamatic will complete assembly of the flap track beams in Bangalore, and will also be responsible for the entire flap track supply chain, including sourcing materials and manufacturing.
Dynamatic was selected based on its technical capabilities, cost competitiveness and skill base,” commented Airbus India managing director Srinivaan Dwarakanath, adding that it is part of the airframer’s plan to boost its aerospace supply chain in India. “Through these partnerships, we can proudly claim that there’s a bit of ‘Made in India’ in all our aircraft programs,” he added. In 2014, Airbus sourced more than $400 million worth of products from India.
Since 2010, Dynamatic has delivered more than 13,000 flap-track beam assemblies for the A320 family as a single source tier two supplier. “Dynamatic is proud of its partnership with Airbus, which has invested considerably in development, training, tooling and quality systems, and worked closely with us to establish advanced manufacturing capabilities in India,” said Dynamatic Technologies CEO and managing director Udayant Malhoutra.

Dynamatic is expected to announce further manufacturing partnerships with Bell Helicopter and Boeing. Under the extended Defense Technology and Trade Initiative between the U.S. and India, announced during President Barack Obama’s January 2015 visit to India, Dynamatics is working with U.S. company AeroVironment on manufacturing of the new RQ11 Raven B mini-UAV.

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