Saturday, March 23, 2013

Exclusive! VT-VJM in the air again?

Neelam Mathews
March 23, 2013
Give the man his due. He won’t let go off easily what he owns. And what he wants, he gets. That includes his passion(s) –IPL, Formula One (this week in KL) and his ACJ. Visits to Delhi have paid dividends and last evening, around 5.30pm, his A319 ACJ did a Mumbai-Aurangabad-Mumbai test flight.  We hear permission was sought from the highest corridors of power. 
India - thy name is 'everything can be fixed/sorted'. This has no reference to any particular person or event.
So, once again, Vijay Mallya may very soon be flying again in his ACJ, a source told AerospaceDiary. The aircraft was taken ‘temporary custody’ of by the service tax department in January. This had partially grounded the tsar of the liquor industry to his palatial mansion in Goa- not a bad place to be- as he refused to fly the 'aam admi' way.
Now as the games’ season starts, there are rumblings again of paying employees, starting Kingfisher Airlines again. Whether this happens or not, excuse me, its become..yawn…a bit boring…..
And for those that say the liberalization of rules may have been opened up for a certain new kid on the block, perhaps they need to add another contender to the NOC list.
Have a great weekend!

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