Friday, March 22, 2013

Exclusive! Opinion - Aviation- U Turn

Neelam Mathews
March 22, 2013

While the minister of civil aviation's statement on pulling out of being the ultimate decision maker for import of aircraft and abolition of the aircraft acquisition committee, was hailed by the industry and many a bubbly popped, it is perhaps a coincidence that this decision was made even as the business plan for the AirAsia-Tata Sons was submitted and returned to them with some changes that needed to be made, AerospaceDiary learns, but could not confirm. 
How the wheel turns! Remember attempts of SIA-Tata  to enter India's aviation arena that were unceremoniously battered down? This is perhaps an unintended retribution! As they say, 'never say never'. Some would say:"Its payback time."
We feel a decision that is overturned in a matter of 5 months, should be of concern to the industry and investors as it indicates that no decision by the government lasts forever- or at least a decade. Remember the telecom mess?
So, while we hail this decision, we hope that by making the present agency responsible, it will not further create more hassles for clearances! The DGCA perhaps needs to get  transparent and feed on its website on a monthly basis, the number of aircraft applied for and the numbers cleared. Now folks, that's transparency. It will show the government has a serious will to support business and isn't on a temporary binge of popularity.

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