Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Opinion- Is it difficult to fathom where the AW deal will lead to?

Neelam Mathews
Feb 27, 2013
We will get to the bottom of this," said AK Antony in Parliament on the AW helicopters scam deal answering a query of an Opposition party member.
How low is the bottom, we ask? Like the deep blue sea, one suspects. a place we can never reach!
No talk about why the Integrity Pact that makes it mandatory for the Italian company to release information in case of foul play. What sort of wussies are we? Release big amounts of cash and have the OEM dictate to you?
Antony made sure his boring speech that totally went off track with a bit of emotion, had most of the members snoring!
We will get to the bottom of this, said Antony."My party is fully backing me."  Really? So, what's new?
"There is a sense of helplessness..," said Jaitley of Antony's speech. Find the bribe-takers, he said. "For 3 decades India has a no middlemen policy. Have we made a breakthrough in a single  case?"
'What did the Bofors JPC do? Have a JPC headed by an opposition member," said Jaitley.

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  1. Augusta Westland is another sordid episode in a series of defence purchases. Let's hope that Anthony at least tries to maintain his lily white image in this case by being objective in investigations.