Friday, February 22, 2013

Exclusive! Defense Contracts- When will history stop repeating itself?

Neelam Mathews
Feb 22, 2013
When will we as a nation stop shaming ourselves? I am no saint and don't profess to be one but as a silent bystander observing the stuff around us, often wonder, how can we be so passive to happenings around us with such finesse, lack of concern and no appetite to question.
Take the RFP the BSF released for two medium transport that had CASA 295 and Alenia's C-27J as final contenders in 2010. The Technical Evaluation Committee cleared  the L1 CASA 295 that came in for commercial opening in 2010. When the contract negotiations started, an MoD official told Aerospace Diary that suddenly the BSF needed a civil certification (not mentioned in the RFP). The OEM, it is believed, agreed. However, out of the blue, it was announced ownership was an issue as was the maintenance of the aircraft. It was also pointed out rather late in the day,a signature had been forged  during the TEC. Why this was done remains a mystery till this day. Nobody was brought to task. Nobody questioned. The unemployed Avro pilots are still in search of a replacement as they jet set round the world to find an able aircraft, a source tells us. This could not be confirmed by AerospaceDiary.
The fact that the companies paid half a million dollars every time an aircraft was brought into the country, is apparently immaterial. Whether this was a prelude to happenings we are now having to bow our heads down for, also cannot be confirmed, but certainly questioned. Even today, all there is left, are questions, but few answers.

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