Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rumor Mill Buzz- AirAsia India CEO?

Neelam Mathews
Feb 23, 2013

Hi guys- its just a buzz- nothing confirmed, nothing reported. Expect to hear many more rumors in coming days!
We hear Sanjay Agarwal of Kingfisher Airlines whose last day at KFA is Feb 28, will be Air Asia India's CEO. Word has it that he is taking people from his old airline SpiceJet along with him.
Many say it is interesting that AirAsia should pick up a legacy carrier's CEO that brings with him a five star cost structure. But then he was with SpiceJet too! Others say he knows the market and all its travails and how to survive to a point! 
The fact is whoever the chief of this organisation is, will have to learn to get his hands dirty and multi-skill- the basis of AirAsia's success.


  1. Strange that someone who led an airline to the ground, eroding billions in shareholder value and potentially causing more damage to the India airline industry than any other event is now being considered by Air Asia.

    I guess track record and accountability arent big in this industry.

  2. Hello Mr. Anonymous,

    KFA was a done deal, long before Sanjay got there. In its 7 years, it never had a CEO for almost 5 1/2 years.

    1. Dear Sanjay sympathizer,

      I wish everyone had a job like Sanjay's ... there is no downside!

      You are brought in as a big "turnaround artist" and get paid crores while the rest of the staff dont get paid for months. If the company does well (for whatever reason) the credit is singularly attibuted to you, if the company goes to hell, you escape unscathed to become the CEO of the next airline...SWEET! Repeat this every 2 years laughing all the way to the bank!

      Look, I have nothing against Sanjay ... just the lack of basic business sense in this industry that has led to gross underperformance leaves me amused.

  3. Dear Sanjay sympathizer,

    It must be good to have a job like Sanjay's ... there's no downside!

    You are brought into a company as a big "turnaround artist", get paid crores a year to do your magic while the rest of the staff dont get paid for months. If the company performs (for whatever reason), you singularly take credit and if the company fails, you move on unscathed to another airline as the CEO. Sweet!

    Anyway, this is my last comment on the subject. I have nothing against Sanjay ... I am just amused at the lack of logic in many of the decisions that have led to gross underperformance in this sunshine sector with strong fundamentals.

  4. looks like a real con artist. Get paid big time and claim the company was terminally ill.