Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Breaking! Air Livery to locate at Norwich Aeropark

Neelam Mathews
Nov 28, 2012

A Norwich International Airport GBP15 million project, called Norwich Aeropark, with 100 acres being developed for aviation-related businesses, will see Air Livery, a subsidiary of  Air Works, the first to move into the park, Aerospace Diary learns.
Air Livery facility design at Norwich International airport- Copyright Feilden and Mawson
Last week, a public exhibition was held at the airport exhibiting plans of the business park on the north east corner of the airport. The airport’s CEO, Andrew Bell, said: “It (Air Livery) makes a huge contribution to the airport’s future.”
The first phase of the Aeropark has to be submitted in detail, “though the building’s future tenant has been confirmed as Air Livery, a long established refinishing company with extensive experience in repainting all commercial and VIP aircraft. Their new state-of-the-art hangar will comprise of a terrace of 5 hangars which will accompany the company’s  existing headquarters on Liberator Road,” said a statement.
The Air Livery development would create approximately 150 new jobs.  Many of the new jobs would be skilled relating to commercial aircraft repainting, interior repair and refurbishment. “Air Livery is a highly respected aviation related business with a global presence, which will offer employees significant training opportunities.”
Air Livery has three paint facilities based at Norwich International Airport with capacity up to B757-300, one facility based at London Southend Airport with capacity up to B737-700, one facility at East Midlands Airport with capacity up to A321, a wide body facility at Manchester Airport with capacity up to A350XWB / B747-800 and one facility at Bratislava, Slovakia with capability up to A321. 

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  1. air livery would be one of the best paint and decal facilities i've ever worked with. I wish them the best.