Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Mallya Conundrum- by design?

Neelam Mathews
Oct 25, 2012
That the way Kingfisher Airlines and the ministry of civil aviation are reacting to, and handling  the present  crisis, is something nobody is able to fathom. Give them that- they have kept the industry pondering and speculating. 
Do they want to close the airline or not is the question. While we here at Aerospace Diary are a dot in this vast confused ocean of thoughts, we have believed for a year now that the carrier wants to bring its fleet strength to the five minimum to retain its license and slots. That would mean a staff strength of just 500 if they run on the Delhi-Mumbai route.
This would also mean just having to retain 60 captains and copilots, 60 engineers,a crew of 100 and skeleton ground staff.
So, all those employees in hope of getting their 8 month salaries and hoping to see crackers lit at Diwali, there may be some time time yet to open the bubbly.

But, that’s just speculation………..

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