Thursday, October 25, 2012

Exclusive! What is delaying the Javelin?

Neelam Mathews
Oct 25, 201
India’s quest to acquire man-portable Javelins- anti-tank guided missiles- under the Foreign Military Sales route, is not moving. India has not as yet sent the Letter of Request (LOR) that was to go out in 2010. U.S secretary of defense Leon Panetta on a visit this year to India had said the US was committed” to providing the weapon to India. 
This came in the background of reports the deal was in jeopardy as the US was cutting down on quantity requested. Panetta reassured: “We have not cut the quantity... I want to reassure that we are committed to the sale of Javelin to India..." 
Panetta did admit there had been bureaucratic delays.” We learn one of the reasons for the delay has been caused as   a  result of a senior executive in the US State Dept who felt the numbers asked for by India were “excessive.”  Now, this  must have our babus smiling. They finally met their match!

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