Wednesday, August 15, 2012

AirAsia Singapore appoints CEO

                                                          Neelam Mathews 
                                                  Aug 15, 2012

AirAsia has promoted Logan Velaitham as AirAsia Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer. Logan was last posted to Singapore in May 2012 as Country Head of the Singapore operations, where he was responsible in expanding AirAsia’s presence in the island republic and Johor.

Our Singapore operations, which service 45 flights per day has become a very important part of our operations as we continue to grow in Singapore, which is a critical regional and international hub. The Singapore operations currently services AirAsia Malaysia (AK), AirAsia Indonesia (QZ) and Thai AirAsia (QZ) flights, and will soon service many other AirAsia affiliates’ flights as we expand and grow across the region. Singapore itself has its own growth plans which we are pursuing aggressively, and we hope to be able to make significant growth in Singapore in the near future," AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer,  Tony Fernandes said.

A critical role for Logan is also to prepare AirAsia for further growth by working closely with the market and regulators and government agencies in Singapore. 

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