Monday, March 19, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! DGCA expresses serious concern on Kingfisher state of affairs

Neelam Mathews
March 19, 2012

Things seem dire for Kingfisher by the looks of it. DGCA E.K Bharat Bhushan has expressed serious concern over Kingfisher’s state of affairs to Aerospace Diary.

The meeting we had reported earlier with the Kingfisher management for filing of the revised schedule with the DGCA did not take place. “It is strange that an important planned meeting with an eminent government body like this was not attended by the airline's officials,” says an analyst.

“We are doing everything to see Kingfisher’s operations are being run in a safe manner. We are concerned with what is happening with operations severely truncated…(and) a pilot agitation on….The situation will evolve. We are looking at all possibilities,” says Bhushan to Aerospace Diary.

Increasingly, safety of the carrier is being questioned by the industry.

We had reported the revised schedule by Kingfisher to be submitted had just under18 of 66 aircraft. How long will even these last without cash to pay for maintenance?

The question now is, how close is Kingfisher to the end of its innings? It would be a pity. Our hearts go out to the loyal employees of the company that tried to withstand the test of fire- seems like it burnt them.

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