Monday, November 28, 2011

In Parliament Today-- Nov 28, 2011…..........Questions related to Indian Air Force

On Aerial reconnaissance pods …defense minister

Contracts for the procurement of aerial reconnaissance pods along with Ground Exploitation System was signed with ELTA, Israel on 31st December 2004 and with Rafael, Israel on 06th February 2009. A third Contract was signed for procurement of reconnaissance equipment from IAI, Israel, in 2010.

The procurements are in accordance with the Defense Procurement Procedure.
The equipment procured meets the operational requirements of the Indian Air Force (IAF).
On IAF – Radar Shortage ….…defense minister

The IAF is in the process of procuring aerial reconnaissance aircraft, additional Aerostat Radar systems as well as various types of radars that are expected to provide a gap-free Air Defense coverage along the Eastern and Western borders.

The capability build-up of IAF envisages procurement of radars of various classes. The induction of these systems along with network centricity is aimed at a gap-free Air Defense cover along the Eastern and Western borders.

The Court of Inquiry instituted after the damage to the Aerostat radar, purchased from Israel, revealed that the accident occurred due to a sudden gust of wind in a span of 100 seconds, which was difficult to forecast. The Court of Inquiry has recommended 'Administrative Action' against three officers involved in the accident, who have been awarded 'Severe displeasure' for six months.

On BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile …. Defense Minister

Developed initially as Anti-ship version for launch from ship to ship for the Indian Navy and inducted in Service. Later, land to land version has been developed for the Indian Army and Indian Air Force. This version has been inducted in the Army and is under production for Army and Air Force. Test also has been carried out from ship to land target. Coastal battery from Mobile Complex on land to ship is also available for the Indian Navy. Air-version of the missile is being developed for SU-30 Mk-I for Indian Air Force.

Some parts of the missile components, airframes and air borne launcher are currently being produced in Thiruvananthapuram complex of BrahMos Aerospace. Multiple industries of India are partners to provide components for the missile and ground systems.

On MAFI under progress……………..Defense Minister

The project for ‘Modernisation of Air Field Infrastructure (MAFI)' is under progress to modernize/improve the navigational aids at all Indian Air Force airfields. MAFI is planned in two phases under which 30 airfields are planned for modernization in Phase-I and the balance airfields of Indian Air Force will be modernized in Phase­ II. Phase-II will also include airfields of the Army. Navy. Coast Guard as well as any other agency.

The contract for MAFI Phase-I was signed on 16th March 2011 with TATA Power (SED) at a cost of Rs.1219.99 crore. The project envisages a time-bound program where  30 airfields will be modernized in 42 months. It involves Installation and commissioning of the equipment, including work services along with integration and calibration of the equipment with Automated Air Traffic Management (ATM) at Air Traffic Control (ATC).
The IAF is also procuring surveillance Radar Elements (SRE), Precision Approach Radars (PAR), UHF Ground-to-Air Radio sets and Commutated Automatic Direction Finder (CADF) systems to upgrade the equipment at its airfields.

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