Monday, September 5, 2011

Pratt & Whitney EcoPower Engine Wash now on Helicopters

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Sept 5, 2011
Even as the military gets eco-conscious and one hopes to see similar efforts in India, Pratt & Whitney has completed its first EcoPower engine wash on a U.S. Navy SH-60 Seahawk helicopter at Naval Base Coronado, California. The first EcoPower helicopter engine wash signifies that EcoPower services are now available for military helicopters, in addition to large commercial and military aircraft, says P&W.
“Helicopters operating in harsh environment with salt and sand need to be washed after almost every flight to maintain performance. EcoPower engine wash is the first environmentally sound solution for washing helicopter engines,” said Lou Quattrocchi, Pratt & Whitney Product Line Management vice president. “The closed-loop system of the EcoPower engine wash uses pure water and no harsh chemicals, making the whole process safe and environmentally responsible. Helicopter engines can now be washed anywhere on the flight line with EcoPower.”

The SH-60 Seahawk is a product offering from Sikorsky, a United Technologies Corp. (UTC) company. This twin turboshaft engine, multi-mission United States Navy helicopter is based on the US Army UH-60 Black Hawk and is a member of the Sikorsky S-70 family.

The most significant airframe modification is a hinged tail to reduce its footprint aboard ships. The Seahawk can handle anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, naval special warfare insertion, search and rescue, combat search and rescue, vertical replenishment and medical evacuation. It provides a responsible solution to all combat situations

Pratt & Whitney's patented EcoPower engine wash system reduces fuel burn and carbon dioxide emissions, while also decreasing engine gas temperature, increasing the amount of time an engine can stay on wing. EcoPower is a registered trademark of United Technologies Corporation.

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