Saturday, September 17, 2011

GROB G120TP wins trainer bid for Indonesian Air Force

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Sept 17, 2011

Grob Aircraft, turbo-prop powered, Grob G 120TP has won the bid to supply the Indonesian Air Force with its future trainer aircraft. Deliveries will commence in 2012.

The Grob G 120TP, competed against Finmeccanica SF-260TP and Pacific Aerospace CT-4.

Grob that lost out the bid in India, says it sees Asia is as a key region with the potential for several other Air Forces to follow Indonesia’s order. It says it will deliver to their Training Organisations “the highest possible advanced training potential at the lowest possible operating and maintenance cost.” Grob is supplying the G 120TP to the Indonesian Air Force with a fully integrated, maintenance support contract.

The Indonesian Air Force will operate the G 120TP in the Elementary and Basic Training roles but the innovative ‘system of systems’ training approach that the G 120TP represents, as a complete package, will encompass computer based ground training, mission briefing/debriefing and advanced, state of the art, embedded cockpit simulation.

The G 120TP flight performance and embedded cockpit training simulations will allow any Air Force, for the first time, to have the ability to truly use a single platform to train and stream student pilots for rotary, transport and fast jet types and all from Day 1, says Grob.

Grob takes on the contract on a ‘power by the hour’ lease basis. This approach, says  Grob, can dramatically reduce future defense budgets for both support and procurement and is set to also revolutionise how training cost is delivered

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