Friday, September 9, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! MMRCA commercial bids to be opened this month?

Neelam Mathews

Sept 9, 2011
Time- 6:45pm IST

The commercial bids for the MMRCA competition for the two final contenders, Eurofighter and Rafale, are likely to be opened in the week of  September 19 or the latest by the end of the month, Aerospace Diary learns.

With the monsoon session of parliament soon to close and a calmer time to make decisions that will ensue, is likely to give time for bureaucrats to concentrate of the 126 MMRCA, an official says.

The offsets presentations will be seen after the bids open, we learn.

Recent reports that have indicated the order might be split in two is unlikely, says an official. That would mean extra costs with two different toolings, MRO etc. Besides, the Indian Air Force has always claimed that it needs to reduce its numerous aircraft models to get a commonality in its fleet, says an OEM.

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