Thursday, September 15, 2011

CASSIDIAN Launches Answer to “No Fault Found” Servicing Issue

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Sept 15, 2011

Millions of pounds could be saved over lifetime of equipment by removing need for unnecessary return and repair. A recent internal study by Cassidian estimated that on a land platform fleet of 450 vehicles a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) type could be expected to incur £4million of unnecessary No Fault Found (NFF) costs over a 7 year life. Studies from the civil aviation industry have shown that between 20%-60% of electronic units returned for repair are typically NFF.

The answer is “Gold standard screening”. This involves taking a fully functional “Gold standard” item, and “learning” how it should function under various conditions. Equipment suspected to be faulty can then be screened against the behavior of the Gold standard without the need for access to complex test equipment, says Cassidian.

One such “Gold standard” screening system is Cassidian’s electro-optical tester – OLISE - intended primarily for use in testing smaller opto-electronic systems critical to live operations: goggles, visible and infrared cameras, laser rangers and designators, sights and image intensifiers. The equipment
can also be used to test optical systems on aircraft without the need to remove the equipment.

Designed especially for deployment in small, local workshops the system is a field transportable device offering reduced storage space and in field logistics.

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