Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CASSIDIAN introduces TRS-4D Naval Radar

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Sept 14, 2011

Cassidian, the defense and security division of EADS, has introduced TRS-4D- a new generation of naval radars into the market with capabilities for the surveillance of sea areas and countering even asymmetric threats.

It opens a new dimension in Sensor Technology with capabilities of threat detection, improving mission success and platform survivability. Unlike other available radars on the market, TRS-4D is the first surveillance radar to make full use of the advantages of simultaneous multiple beams based on Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) technology. A non-rotating variant of TRS-4D with four fixed array panels is already under production for the new F125 frigates of the German Navy.

"While capitalising on high operational availability in extended missions, our new radar also offers improved ship survivability", explains Elmar Compans, Head of the Sensors and Electronic Warfare Business Line of Cassidian.

TRS-4D enables ships from patrol vessels to frigate size to exert the different detection tasks of a ship-borne medium range surveillance and target acquisition radar, in blue waters and also in complex littorals with high target densities. It performs faster, more accurate and against a wider scope of targets than in the past.

The new radar is based on a unique system concept. It comes with a rotating antenna based on the  AESA technology giving the capabilities of overlaid mechanical and electronic scanning. This approach provides navies and coast guards with the benefits of solid-state based AESA technology, which up to now has been available to highly expensive systems only, the company says.

Cassidian makes this technology affordable and competitive also for medium-sized Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radars.

AESA technology and, therefore, electronic beam steering, enables the radar to fulfil several tasks at the same time while increasing the detection capability substantially. The unique detection performance derives from a multitude of Cassidian's Transmit- and Receive Modules, based on the most recent GalliumNitride (GaN) technology. GaN holds unique electronic characteristics like high power added efficiency and allows for very efficient industrial production processes, adds the company.

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