Saturday, June 18, 2011

Raw materials and training excluded from civil aerospace eligible for defense offsets

Neelam Mathews
June 18, 2011

A major change introduced by the MoD over the DPP 2011 for civil aerospace products elgible for defense offsets is that technical manuals, raw materials and training will no longer be considered. 

Training aids including simulators, associated equipment, software and computer based training modules will remain. Expansion of what in a training institution is considered as offsetable. “The earlier definition was ambiguous as flying training institutions and technical institutions was a very wide descriptor which will now include CBT and simulator but training schools including training aircraft are out,” says an MoD official to Aerospace Diary.

The amendment also includes the Design, Development, Manufacture, Upgrade of all types of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft or their airframes,aero engines, avionics, instruments and related components.

Other inclusions are Composites, forgings and castings, Guidance and Navigation equipment, test facilities and equipment required for testing, certification, qualification and calliberation and software specially designed, developed or modified for products specified.

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