Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Air India edges towards joining Star in mid July

Neelam Mathews June 7, 2011

Air India and Star Alliance are believed to have discussed the date of Air India joining Star at the recent meeting held in Barcelona, Aerospace Diary learns.

It is likely - that if the minister of civil aviation is available to attend- the two will finally tie the knot on either Jul 14 or 15. This will enable international visitors to take advantage of the weekend to tour Agra and the environs of Delhi.

Officials are now confident the the date for the delayed alliance will be met.

“This event (Joining the alliance) is like an Indian wedding. Everything is last minute, but it will get done…..We will be freezing the date shortly and let you all know…… We’re on track,” an official had recently told Aerospace Diary.

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