Saturday, January 8, 2011

Asia-Pacific Carriers Continue Upward Safety Trend

Jan 7, 2011

The Asia-Pacific air transport industry showed steady improvement in 2010 in its safety record.

“It is fully comparable to the safety performance of the leading European and North American airlines,” says the Association of Asia-Pacific Airlines (AAPA).

Globally, the aircraft loss rate in 2010 was 21%, which was lower than the average for the last five years. In 2010 there were 13 major accidents involving large western-built commercial airline jets, eight of which resulted in a total of 555 fatalities, or one fatality for every 4 million passengers flown. With over 25 million commercial jet flights operating annually worldwide, the result reflects an average aircraft loss rate of one major accident for every two million flights.

“Safety is a shared responsibility. AAPA remains committed to working with regulatory agencies and other stakeholders to further strengthen cooperation, including the sharing of data and best safety management practices, with a particular emphasis on the need for governments to strengthen regulatory oversight in full compliance with ICAO standards,” said Andrew Herdman, director general of AAPA.

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