Friday, March 11, 2016

VJM Flight of the Native

Neelam Mathews
March 11, 2016

They say one should watch one's mouth even in good times. 

A reader just reminded us how Mallya in his heydays would brag that one day all Blue Jet Airways tails would be Red. He was ofcourse referring to Jet succumbing to his all mighty power! All of a sudden there seems to be some logic in sayings like 'Don't put your cart before your horse!"

Ex Employees and Jet staffers too, I hear, are salivating in the fact that Mallya had to bow down to use Jet Airways First Class to flee. "How the mighty have fallen,' they snigger.

"Today, the joke is on him," said our reader. One wonders, however,  if justice will really be served.

As for us, we continue to empathize with the hundreds who lost their jobs. 

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