Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Eagle has landed

Gordon Arthur & Neelam Mathews 

Aero India: The Eagle has landed
Closer US-India military cooperation in the UAV field kicked up a gear when AeroVironment and Bangalore-based Dynamatic Technologies inaugurated a production facility on 17 February. 
The two companies will now co-develop a next generation unmanned aircraft system dubbed Cheel (Eagle), which was unveiled during Aero India on February 18.
The Cheel will be based on AeroVironment’s small UAS expertise, with the design an evolution of the lightweight 5kg RQ-11B Raven and 12 Kg Puma.......
The prototype is expected to be ready in 12 months, according to Dynamatic Technologies CEO and managing director Udayant Malhoutra.  .... ...more on Shephardmedia

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