Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lust for own statue by Anna in life-time

Written by- Subhash Chandra Agrawal
RTI Activist

Hope springs eternal in the human breast? I'm not so sure any more. Here's a release we received -.
Here goes-
This refers to media-reports about Anna Hazare writing to BJP President Rajnath Singh to prevent BJP workers from creating hurdles in stalling his statue in Gurgaon by his supporters. If reports are true, then it tends to establish that the veteran social-activist is crazy for his self-glorification like politicians. Reports have also appeared that Union government may honor Anna Hazare with Bharat Ratna for his support to government-sponsored Lokpal Bill passed by Parliament. Honouring Anna Hazare with Bharat Ratna amongst such controversies may unnecessarily give rise to speculations of Bharat Ratna being misused for bargains in political necessity. 
System of erecting statues in one’s life-time should be altogether banned. Naming public institutions and erection of statues of their favorites and mentors by political rulers is quite common in many Indian states. For example, Om Prakash Chautala flooded complete Haryana with statues of his father Devilal in his regime as Haryana Chief Minister. Glorification of self or mentors by political rulers should be effectively checked by formulating rules to name public institutions and/or to erect statue either at central level or by state-government only with consent of opposition-leaders. 

Union government should also totally ban photo-publicity of political rulers and other living personalities at public-expense through media-advertisements both for the center and in states. New government in Delhi can become a trend-setter by imposing ban on such photo-publicity of political rulers at government-expense.

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