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MoD Release-
The details of joint ventures by the private players in defense manufacturing is enclosed. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) amounting to Rs.24.36 crore (US$ 4.94 millions) has been received in defense industry sector from April 2000 to April 2013. The data regarding investment made by the Indian Private Sector Firms is not maintained.
             63 applications have been received for Industrial License for manufacture of defense items from private companies in 2012-13.
            The applicant has to file an application for grant of Industrial License in DIPP under Rule 7 of the Registration and Licensing of Industrial Undertaking Rules, 1952 (RLIU). The application is circulated to / examined by the Administrative Ministry i.e. Department of Defense Production (DoDP); Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA); Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance and the concerned State Government besides other members of the Licensing Committee. Based on the comments received from the concerned Departments / Agencies, a decision is taken by the Licensing committee.
            The process of issue of IL is being streamlined and simplified through decision to issue licenses based on affidavit from the applicants pending finalization of Security and audit procedures. The Defence items list has been finalized to bring clarity in disposing applications.
Regn No. and Date
Name of the JV/Implementing Company
Details of Partner(s) (along with share in JV)
Items to be manufactured
M/s Alpha-ITL Electro Optics Private Limited
M/s Alpha Design Technologies Private Limited - 74%
ITL Electro Optics Pvt. Ltd. - 26%
Manufacture of optical goods and equipment and optical instruments
14Jun 2007
M/s HBL Elta Avionics Systems Private Limited
M/s HBL Power Systems Ltd. - 74% M/s IAI Elta Systems Limited, Israel -26%
Radar, EW Systems, Electronics Communication systems
M/s BF Systems Limited
M/s B.F. Utilities Ltd - 74%
M/s Singapore Technologies Kinetic,
Singapore - 26%
To provide complete support for Light Weight Howitzer and other small & medium caliber weapons programs, inclusive of engineering, design & development, manufacturing services and upgrading.
M/s. Alpha Electronica Defence Systems Pvt. Ltd.
M/s Alpha Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore - 74%
M/s. Electronica S.P.A., Italy - 26%
Production, assembling, testing, repair and support for EW equipment and systems for land/shipbased/airbased platforms
Press Release Dated 31.10.08
M/s Armet Armored Vehicles (India) Ltd.,
M/s Armet Armored Vehicles (India) Ltd.- 75%
M/s Armet Armored Vehicles London - 25%
Manufacture of bodies (including Cabs) designed to be mounted on motor vehicles chassis for special purpose motor lorries, armoured cars etc.
121 (2009)/323 (2008) dated 15April, 2009
M/s Samtel Thales Avionics Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
M/s Samtel Display Systems Ltd., New Delhi - 74%
M/s Thales Avionics S.A., France
M/s Thales International(India) Pvt. - 26%
Ltd., New Delhi
Development, Manufacture& selling of helmet mounted sight display.
18 Sept. 2007
M/s Astra Micro wave Products Ltd, Hyderabad
M/s Astra Micro wave Products Ltd,
Hyderabad - 77.19%
M/s Strategic Ventures Fund Ltd.,
Mauritius -22.81%
M/s Frontline Startegy Ltd., Mauritius
Design, development, manufacture & supply of components & sub-systems for wireless communication for application in defence, space & cellular communication
21 April,2008
M/s Mahindra Defense systems Ltd, New Delhi
M/s Mahindra&Mahindra Ltd - 74% M/s BAe Systems Pic., England- 26%
Manufacture & marketing of defence equipment in the land sector
24 Feb, 2009
M/s Taneja Aerospace & Aviation limited
M/s ; Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd., Hyderabad - 83.93%
M/s Citigroup Lobal Markets Pvt. Ltd. & Others, Mauritius -16.07%
(I) Armour panel for helicopter, (ii) Body armour
08 July 2009
M/s Vyoneesh - Rosebank
Technologies Pvt Ltd., New Delhi
M/s Vyoneesh Technologies Pvt Ltd., New Delhi - 74%
M/s Rosebank Engineering Pvt Ltd., Australia - 26%
Manufacturing, Designing Selling, Undertaking Overhauling and Maintenance Activities for all kind of Engg. And Technology Related Equipment and Products including Aircrafts
M/s ICOMM Tele Ltd, Hyderabad.
M/s TanoMauritiusIndia FVCI Existing 5.1%; Increase upto 26%.
Engaged in engineering, procurement and construction services in the telecommunication, power transmission and distribution, water and sewerage sectors, manufactures telecommunications and power transmission towers, research, development and manufacture of active telecommunications infrastructure and equipment for a variety of sectors including defence related telecommunications equipment.
M/s Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore
M/s Rieter machine Works Limited, Switzerland-13.48%
Manufacturing of entire range of Textile Spinning machinery. Proposed additional activities: manufacturing of parts, components and accessories for aircraft and spacecraft to supplied to civil and defence sector.
135/2010 dt 20.12.2010
M/s Tata
Aerostructure Limited, Mumbai
M/s Lockheed Martin Aeroframe Corporation, USA-26%
M/s Tata Advanced Systems, Delhi-74%
Design, manufacture, supply procurement and life cycle support of advanced aerospace and aero structures items for defence aircrafts, helicopters, and unmanned airborne vehicles including empennages and centre wing boxes (NIC Code-377.8)
211/2010 dt 18.10.2010
M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Mumbai
M/s EADS Deutschland GmbH, Germany- 26%
Manufacturing, distributing, and marketing of products in the market segments of electronic warfare, military avionics, mobile systems(defence related) and radars( NIC code 359.4)
121/2010 dt 08.06.2010
M/s ABG Shipyard Ltd, Mumbai
FIIs, Foreign Investors, NRIs Existing: 21.91%
Existing Activities: Shipbuilding, ship repair(NIC Code: 3899 & 3402)
Proposed Activities: Defence products: NIC Code:370,359,359.4,365,366,367 & 370.8
182/2010 dt 15.09.2010
M/s Jubilant Aeronautics PvtLtd, Delhi
M/s Aeronautics Ltd, Israel-26%
M/s Jubilant Aeronautics Pvt Ltd, Delhi-74%
Manufacture of different types of Unmanned Aerial Systems and accessories (NIC Code: 3770)
224/2010 dt 12.11.2010
M/s Maini Precision Products Pvt Ltd
M/s Ambadevi Mauritius Holding Ltd, Mauritius-25.93
Existing activities: Engaged in the business of manufacture and export of high precision parts for automotive, material handling, general engineering purposes.
Proposed additional activities: to manufacture parts and accessories of aircraft and space crafts (NIC Code:377.8)
45(2011)/176 (2010) Dt 9.6.2011
M/s Park Controls & Communications Ltd, Bangalore
Existing Activities: Engaged in the business of defence Avionics solution provider. Proposed addition activities: activities to manufacture of onboard/data acquisitions systems, avionics, timing products, time code readers, ground based telemetry systems and other electronic aerospace and defence equipment.
16(2012)/198 (2011)
Dt 28.3.2012
M/s Rossell Aviation Private Ltd
M/s CAE International Holdings Limited, Canada-26%
Proposed Activities: To engage in civil &defence aviation filed with focus on product support services, repair and maintenance facility, providing training solutions in project.
104(2012)/07 (2012)
Dt 8.11.2012
M/s Tara Aerospace Systems Ltd, Mumbai (M/s Tara Advanced Systems Ltd)
M/s United Technologies International Corporation Asia Pvt Ltd, Singapore[There is no foreign investment involved in the proposal, approval is for additional activities in the defence sector]
Existing: Manufacture of parts for civilian aircrafts Proposed: Design, development, engineering, manufacturing, integration, assembly, testing and inspection and fixed-wing aircrafts), including products such as aerospace and aefo structures components, kits and accessories in the defence sector.
100(2012)/190 (2012)
Dt 8.11.2012
M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Mumbai
FIIs : 13.84%
Shares underlying GDR: 3.17%
Others(NRIs, Foreign Nationals) : 0.94%
TotaL17.95 %
Ex post-facto approval
Defence Production
117(2012)/116 (2012)
Dt 28.12.2012
M/s Space Era Materials and Processes Pvt Ltd
M/s SLA United Technologies and Production Investments, Latvia - 26%
Engaged in the business of design, development manufacture, assembly, repair and overhaul of the equipment of telecommunication and avionics used in aircrafts, radars and other electrical and electronics defence components, aggregates and equipment in India.
63(2012)/20 (2012)
M/s Track Systems India Private Limited
M/s DIEHL Defence Land Systems GmbH, Germany - 26%
Manufacturing, assembling, marketing, trading, dealing in, import and export of tracks and parts thereof and running gear components required for the defence sector.
M/s Bharat Electronics Ltd.
M/s Thales France through M/s Thales Air Systems SAS (5%) and M/s Thales India Pvt Ltd (21%) Total: 25%
Design, Development marketing, supply and support of civilian and select defence Radars for Indian and global markets.
M/s Amertec Systems Pvt Ltd.
M/s Enertec Electronics Ltd, Israel. 26%
Manufacturing of advanced electronic systems, test systems, simulators and electronic systems for military applications.
31(2013/229 (2012) Dt 6.6.2013
M/s Hical
Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
M/s NSE Industries, France 26%
Manufacture of wiring, cable and harness for aeronautics and defence sectors (civil and military) and test benches.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defense Shri Jitendra Singh in a written reply to Shri Dhananjay Singh in Lok Sabha today.

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