Saturday, March 9, 2013

Etihad-Jet- International Expansion

Neelam Mathews
March 9, 2013
That Etihad may be leveraging Jet for its international expansion as reported by CNBC recently, is getting apparent. We learn that Jet has changed its plans to lease its A330 to Oman Air and will now lease it to future partner Etihad. Also a 777 returned from Thai is expected to head westwards. Aerospace Diary could not confirm this. It follows perhaps, that Abu Dhabi will be Jet's new hub.
It is interesting to note, that recently, the minister of civil aviation has been mentioning the Jet-Etihad deal a lot. Just a day ago, he told CNBC: “I am very hopeful that the deal will go through. …… Discussions are on between Jet and Etihad and their relations are coordial, I hope the deal will be concluded in the next four to six weeks.” 
While one can understand the concern that the government has that its policy on FDI is working, there seem to be mixed signals on AirAsia. Worrying about that ubiquitous comma, Singh said: “The government is in favor of AirAsia-Tata alliance. But the AirAsia-Tata JV will have to apply to the ministry following which the DGCA will vet the proposal.” Always open-ended. 
Here, at Aerospace Diary, we have no doubt the deal will go through. Whether AirAsia India will have to wait till the Jet-Etihad iron out issues first, is another question.

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