Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nothing Compares to the F-35……...

Neelam Mathews
Dec 6, 2012
The F 35 B 'in evolution to progress' was portrayed succinctly by Lockheed Martin at a recently held webinar.
Answering a query on how the F-35 will do in development compared to other fifth gen aircraft on the F-35B Short Takeoff/Vertical Landing variant that will be flown by the U.S. Marine Corps and the Italian Navy, there was optimism.  (I) haven’t seen anything that compares with our competitive sensor fusion technology and the ability to design a plane with true stealth, J.R McDonald, VP, Lockheed Martin, said.
Eric Van Camp, incharge of business development, LM,too, was super confident about his product. “I love the my dog is bigger than yours debate---(but) when forces engage against other forces, it is the array of capability we’re  going to send in a single combat ……there is no question  how this will perform in combat relative to others in development…this is 50 years of aircraft development with an array of capabilities.”
Any thoughts about our LCA folks?
Some facts:
The stealth machine will never have a two-seater version in future as the fidelity of its training system that  “replicates the way the aircraft performs is very very good and  therefore, the expenses is not necessary. It was expected at the concept stage there would be no two-seater.”
Its key feature is maintainability-The system keeps track of plane health-when it comes down, orders can be made of  parts required for replacement, bringing an ease of maintenance built in from the beginning.
Transition of a navy pilot to the  F35B is easy.
Basic stick and rudder are not required. It is higher skills for combat management you will brush up on, says a pilot.

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