Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scoot gets on Cloud

Neelam Mathews
Dec 5, 2012

Scoot, the low cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, is the first airline in the world to adopt the flexible data link management service powered by the Air Transport Industry (ATI) Cloud from IT provider SITA. 
The service manages the exchange of messages between the ground and cockpit, connecting airline users and applications to the aircraft. It is already in use at Scoot and will continue to be rolled out across the airline’s expanding fleet.
Campbell Wilson, CEO, Scoot, said: “SITA’s cloud-based data link offering is ideal for Scoot. We are growing fast and need our data link services to be agile and able to scale quickly while ensuring safety and efficiency throughout our operations. Selecting SITA’s ATI Cloud service requires minimal resources from our side, minimizing the staff and overheads that come with licensing, maintenance and support. The combination of safety, flexibility and cost-effectiveness supports Scoot’s ability to grow fast, to grow safely and to continue offering great value airfares.”
Ilya Gutlin, SITA President, Asia Pacific, said: “As an airline, Scoot likes to do things differently and so it was no surprise that it was the first to embrace the benefits of using SITA’s new cloud-based data link services. Already more than 12,000 aircraft rely on SITA AIRCOM for data link services and more than 70 airlines have adopted AIRCOM Server for message processing, but Scoot is the first to adopt it without having to invest in hardware or to host the solution.”
AIRCOM Server Online is one of the many services which SITA is now hosting in the Air Transport Industry (ATI) Cloud, a community cloud which was launched last year. It offers the same fully integrated message distribution and integration solution as the trusted AIRCOM Server without significant upfront investment and with the added benefit for users of a smart and technologically advanced graphical user interface.

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