Sunday, September 30, 2012

Exclusive! India - Indian Defense- Focus of Spain's attention

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Sept 30, 2012

Visiting India for the first time since he became Secretary General for Defense Policy in January this year, Alejandro Alvargonzález San Martín who was serving as the Spanish Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina, is tapping his extensive knowledge of emerging geographical regions, such as Asia, in particular India, he says.
San Martín has a lot on his agenda here having already met two military chiefs and DRDO. On monday, more meetings follow, "To create a network and...sign an agreement on defense exchange."
The Indian Navy has released an RFP to build four large projection vessels with dual helicopter carrier and amphibious role. 
Those in the running are likely to be French DCNS with its Mistral class, Spain's Navantia perhaps with its Buque of Proyecciones Estategica, South Korea and Fincantieri with its multifunctional Ship.
Navantia-Canberra Class
Outlining partnerships with India including fighting piracy in the Gulf and "being in Lebanon in the same sector," San Martin said on the LHD: "We are ready to cooperate. Spain has created its own navy. We know about buildings ships and India has its own shipyards."
Spain has in the past 30 years, built up its defense industry from its offsets. However, he says candidly: "Linking offsets with sovereignty is a concept that needs to change."

He adds:"IPR is not a concern if you have the right agreements, as know-how must be respected.People want to be associated with those who are respected, reliable and predictable." he told Aerospace Diary.
Is somebody listening? 

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