Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red alert -please no red chillies

Indigo passes small package test

Neelam Mathews
Aug 14, 2012

Realized yesterday when I was at Cochin airport how serious the red alert -hear there's an advisory that a family of four might be planning to hijack a plane- is being taken. I thank God- or shall I say the MHA for that. Even the woman security officer confessed she was confiscating water bottles carried by women and children she generally permitted them to carry (!). God have mercy on us aam admi when there is no red alert!

However, sometimes things can be downright ludicrous in India. I was carrying masalas (spices) I bought at the shops at the airport and of the10 packets, only 3 were pulled out of my bag by security. I was told to check them in as the ingredients included red chillies! I have never tried throwing masala into anybody's eyes sans the chillies- but I suspect it could cause a lot of harm too!

Who am I to argue with gun-toting ferocious looking guys with a look that says it means business? Off I headed to the IndiGo desk where a young affable staff member informed me kindly that they would not be liable if the package got lost. Which got me thinking- where does it say the passenger is not allowed to check-in a packet 10ins by 2ins? No problem I said. "Send it anyway." 

Wanted to check how good IndiGo says it really is. Guess what? My 3 masalas came merrily and happily bumping their way on the luggage belt- yes this time around, IndiGo passed the test!

And to all those airline folks in Cochin who tolerated what would seem to them a crazy and deranged passenger - you passed the test too! Thank You for your time and patience.

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