Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KFA- Are the Gods listening?

Posted by Neelam Mathews
May 1, 2012

Even as DGCA and the rest of the world has gone on silent mode as far as Kingfisher is concerned, rather ironically, May 1- labor day- has ushered in the sixth month of no salaries.

I got some pictures from Bellvision.com of Vijay Mallya visiting the Shri Mukambika Temple of Kollur. It is here ten years ago he had installed a golden sheet to the flag post costing INR 50 lakhs, says the website. This time when Mallya was asked what service he would do, he is believed to have assured the authorities he would look into it, given that the gods would shower their blessings- one assumes!

Did nobody tell him, charity starts at home-in this case- his own company employees- and IPL and F1 will follow. But to each their own.


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