Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter brings smiles for IndiGo's passengers

Neelam Mathews
January 5, 2012

OK, so there was no IFE. Fine if one had to buy one’s cold food and drink. Perfect if one had to shed one’s sometimes indisciplined behavior to conform to IndiGo’s organized ways. We stood in line on time, checked in on time and reached our destination on time.
However, all was not well on that early morning flight when bleary eyed passengers braved the cold weather to fly their favorite ontime airline. If only, one hoped, there was that hot cuppaa that cheers!
Now all is well. All flights over an hour of flying time will serve hot beverages, at a price, one suspects anybody is willing to pay for!
So, if you’re heading from Delhi to Jaipur- bad luck… but if you’re heading to Mumbai or anyplace further, lets say cheers to that hot cup of beverage that invigorates the mind and the soul!
As for IndiGo, it is far from a loser- it got customers to love it more and its accountants are moving around with a big smile these days, we hear!

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  1. Great, happy to learn that we now finally have the warm cup of coffee on Indigo (on longer flights)...that was my only grouse to thier otherwise impeccable product and service!