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ROUND UP- Year-End-Review of the Ministry of Civil Aviation for the Year 2011

MOCA Press Release-

Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA)
India signed Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) with U.S on July 18. This agreement provides for mutual certification of aeronautical products. It recognizes the mutual benefit of improved procedures for the reciprocal acceptance of airworthiness approvals and environmental testing, and the development of reciprocal recognition procedures for approval and monitoring of flight simulation training devices, aircraft maintenance facilities, maintenance personnel, flight crew members and flight operations. An Implementation Procedure for Airworthiness (IPA) was also signed in November, 2011.
Amendments of Air Services Agreements (ASAs) with foreign countries
With a view to modernize and update the existing Air Services Agreements (ASAs) with foreign countries as per the ICAO templates, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has signed ASAs with Indonesia and Brazil and ASAs initialed with Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mozambique,   Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago.
European Union Emission Trading System
 An international meeting of ICAO council and other Non-EU member states was held in New Delhi on 29th – 30th September to discuss the inclusion of aviation in the European Union Emission Trading System (EU-ETS). Discussions included legal objection to EUETs, Policy objections, the role of ICAO-the way forward and discussions on next steps.
A Joint Declaration was negotiated and adopted at New Delhi on 30th September, opposing the scheme. India thereafter took the lead to co-present a Working Paper (WP), in ICAO Council which included the Joint Declaration. This was adopted in the 194th Council Session of ICAO meeting held on 2nd November, 2011.
 India-ICAN conference, 2011
The he 4th ICAO Civil Aviation Negotiations (ICAN) Conference was held in Mumbai from 17-22 October, 2011. ICAN has been conceptualized by ICAO as ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for bilateral negotiation process. A special Africa session was also held on the inaugural day which included participants from the African Union, ICAO, Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Civil Aviation. During the conference, more than 370 bilateral meetings were held between air services negotiators from states in all regions of the world which led to the signing of over 120 agreements and arrangements. India met with 37 countries and signed MoUs/agreed minutes with 22 countries. 

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA):-

v      Approximately 17000 hours have been completed and a total number of 80 CPL holders graduated in the current year.
DA 42 Aircraft and one DA 42 Simulator have been inducted for multi engine training.

125 cadets have been selected to undergo training for the next year at IGRUA.

Considering the need for skilled manpower by the growing civil aviation industry in the country a proposal for upgradating IGRUA to a national Aviation University, is being considered.

A proposal for the Airports Authority of India to take over Fursatganj Airfield, with a view to extend the runaway and convert it into a Civil Airport, along with a Cargo Hub and Maintenance Repair Organization Center, is under consideration.

To supplement the demand for skilled technical manpower is proposed to start an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer training school at IGRUA.
Air India Limited: -
Air India has extended the offer of discounted fares in full fare economy class to para-military forces.
Air India has also decided to honour the children who are recipients of National Bravery Award 2010 by offering free tickets for their travel on domestic network along-with their parents/Guardians.

Helicopters Operations: -  
 The main objectives of PHHL are to provide helicopter support services to meet the requirement of oil sector, conduct operations in hilly and remote terrain, connecting inaccessible areas and providing charters for promotion of travel and tourism. The company has recently added the objectives of setting up of Heliports, helipads, Training Institute and Safety Institute.  PHHL has emerged as one of Asia’s largest helicopter operators having a well-balanced own operational fleet of 42 helicopters at present.

As on 31.03.2011 the Company had operation & maintenance contract of 01 Dauphin N3 helicopter of Government of Gujarat, 2 Dhruv helicopters owned by ONGC and 4 Dhruv helicopters owned by BSF (MHA). Further, the company has signed in December 2010 another contract with HAL for operation & maintenance of 4 more Dhruv helicopters of BSF. The Company has provided one Dhruv helicopter taken on lease from HAL to Government of Maharashtra for Anti-Naxal activities at Gadcharoli, Maharashtra.  
At present 16 Dauphin N & N3 helicopters are on contract with ONGC out of which 2 Dauphins are stationed overnight at the main platforms in addition to a dedicated Night Ambulance to meet any emergency evacuation.

Important Policy Decisions Taken during 2011

 The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) in the meeting held on 29.03.2011 approved a proposal of AAI for a one-time grant-in-aid of Rs. 378 crore for final operational phase of a GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) project over Indian Air Space subject to certain conditions.

 A New Transfer Policy has been implemented by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS). The new regional offices of BCAS will now be opened at Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Guwahati and Amritsar and will be manned by the BCAS officers.
v      The Bay of Bengal Arabian Sea India Ocean Safety Monitoring Agency (BOBASMA) has been endorsed as a competent Air Space Safety Monitoring Agency by the Regional Air Space Safety Monitoring Advisory Group, ICAO. The Enroute Monitoring Agency is presently monitoring PBN compliance and assessing the level of safety in horizontal plane.

v      The Air Traffic Management (ATM) Contingency Plan for Indian Flight Information Regions (FIRs) have been updated to included revised route structure for safe and orderly flow of international traffic through upper Indian Air Space in case of disruption of Air Traffic Services.

v      Installation of Air Traffic Services (ATS) automation system has been completed at Mangalore

v     On the airports side the revised charges for handling Non Scheduled Operators (NSOs) at airports which were not within the ambit of Airports Economic Regulatory Authority, has been implemented with immediate effect.

v      Minimum Safety Requirements for Helicopter Landing Areas used on Regular basis has been issued and which lays down the minimum safety requirements for helicopter operating to/from helicopter landing areas within the Indian Territory outside and licensed aerodrome/heliports and procedures to be followed by Helicopter operations for such operations.

v     Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service (DATIS) has been installed at Dehradun, Udaipur, Bhuntar airports, permitting automatic broadcast of Airport information to the Airlines/Pilots.

v     AAI has installed an Instrument Landing System at Agra (Defense Airfield) commissioning flight check has been successfully completed.

v     ILS has been commissioned at Delhi for runway 09.

v     Guidelines in the form of air traffic management circular have been issued on mandatory rest of relief for Air Traffic Control Operators (ATCOs). This will help in reducing stress and fatigue of ATCOs and improving overall safety levels.

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