Monday, May 27, 2019

Bangalore Bengaluru- who cares- Celebrating Brea

Neelam Mathews
May 27, 2019

Its been a while since I wrote a piece on lifestyle- not sure if this is a brief one on Bengaluru, Bangalore International Airport, design, management or strategy, but I do know by now, the greatest innovation of all - The Quad and BreaRoti.

Hail to the innovators who have designed this gutsy piece of community get together which very sadly will be moved by December. Can you imagine pubs and eating places outside of the airport within the premises where locals gather on weekends? What a revenue earner!

This quadrangle was empty space just outside the airport which now celebrates the cuisine, art, and heritage in a contemporary way of the IT city that has a buzz of its own. Archana, my friend and head of corp com - a very evolved lady- takes me around with pride. She knows her onions and every person who works there. This person to person connection is endearing I think.

Interestingly every shop is constructed with renewable materials that are not permanent and will not cost much when they have to be pulled down, she explains.

It is time to visit the Star of the Quad - Brea Roti - ( Bread and Roti). We order one BreaRoti with filter coffee. The result is a sinful freshly baked roll with equally sinful calories. Who would have thought a deceptive simple looking roll would generate such emotion? You'll have to try one and then feel disgusted with yourself days later when you look back and remember the need to bite into this sweetish butter filled concoction. Oh Lordy, memories are made of such experiences!!

Some visuals of The Quad

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