Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Thales’s recruitment drive continues apace

Feb 26,2019

Good Morning!

Found this statement from Thales interesting. Also shows jobs are not getting lost but moving in different direction.

Since 2016, Thales has hired 5,000 to 6,000 people a year. And in 2019, the company’s recruitment drive continues apace, with 5,500 new jobs created worldwide, including 2,500 in France.
In 2019, Europe’s largest technology company is focusing on digital security to help invent the world of tomorrow — a world of autonomous systems and smart interconnected sensors. Thales will be recruiting all around the world, mainly in France with new jobs in all parts of the country, but also in Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands), Australia, Southeast Asia, India, the United States and Canada.
About 70% of new hires will be engineers and managers to work in R&D, manufacturing, customer service and bid and project management. Thales is especially keen to attract experts in the four key digital technologies, with 400 jobs in cybersecurity and 200 in artificial intelligence. There will also be openings for technicians in industrial operations, including supply chain and lean manufacturing.
In terms of backgrounds and profiles, Thales places great emphasis on diversity and inclusion, which we believe is an important driver of creativity. The company is also keen to employ young people and each year our teams are joined by 2,000 interns, 1,800 students on work-study placements, 100 VIE international volunteers in business and 200 PhD students.
In the list of Top 500 Employers 2019 published this month by French magazine Capital, Thales is ranked fourth, with a special mention for our dynamic HR policy and focus on mentoring, fablabs and hackathons.


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