Sunday, May 15, 2016

Exclusive- Parrikar on Strategic Partnership Clause- When?

Neelam Mathews
May 15, 2016

As India's DPP awaits the Strategic Partnership clause to take off, Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar told AerospaceDiary this could be possible "after hearing all the stakeholders getting their  apprehensions on board."  He added: "We should start with one or two strategic platforms (though) I have nothing specific in mind so that we can also learn from their experience. It's a new kind of thing so you need to be careful there has to be proper thinking on all aspects including  (the) most important is transparency and financial competency.
On why the decision had slowed down, He said: "Nothing is getting stopped. But when something is new, it has to be thought over. People don't want to come out of their cocoon, so there is either objection or apprehensions. So we have to take care of all those."
While a lot Parrikar said made sense, this govt has to ensure it does'nt go in its predecessor's footsteps as far as speed and decision making goes. We do remember how in the raj of A.K Anthony, nothing got passed in an effort to look clean and 'listen to the noise made by losing vendors.' And look where that got him?
Hopefully the issue of strategic partnership will get solved- mistakes can be learnt along the way along with learnings.
At least that will show the good intent.
Lets hope the defense ministry does not delay this issue as the ministry of civil aviation has done on its policy on the 5/20 rule -having got caught in a tug of war of opposing lobbies.

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  1. SP is a good idea and this needs to be encouraged at all levels of governance and industry