Thursday, November 12, 2015

Indian Bizav Pushes To Reform Restrictive Draft Regulations

 - November 11, 2015, 3:30 PM

Business aircraft like these jets at Mumbai International Airport invariably are overshadowed by commercial airliners in India, including at a regulatory level. [Photo: Neelam Mathews]
India’s general aviation sector has expressed disappointment following the October 30 release of the country’s draft civil aviation policy. The public comment period for this long-awaited draft legislation is set to end on November 20, and India’s Business Aviation Operators Association (BAOA) is requesting changes to various proposed rules that it believes will further disadvantage an industry already held back by a flawed regulatory environment.
We will be asking for rollback of the ill-conceived import duty on business aircraft imposed since 2007 that has throttled the growth of a booming industry,” BAOA managing director R.K Bali told AIN. He claimed that in the past three years the government has collected barely $15 million in taxes, and that the negative effect on the industry has far outweighed this. “Only eight aircraft were added [to the Indian register], while many more were sold,” he stated.
Another point of concern is the proposed scheduled commuter airlines (SCA) scheme that permits charter companies to fly on scheduled regional routes. However, if they opt to participate as an SCA, they will not be permitted to undertake ad hoc charter operations. “Why are charter companies being singled out? They need to maximize their operations. This scheme is a non-starter,” Bali complained. 
BAOA believes the clause is discriminatory since scheduled airlines are allowed to do charter flights. Bali said 90 percent of the charter companies would opt for the SCA scheme if the clause were withdrawn.
India’s bizav community also is pushing for greater legal transparency when it comes to aircraft management companies. Bali said that some progress has been made in that the policy covering helicopters now permits them to fly without prior air traffic control clearance below 5,000 feet and areas other than prohibited and restricted ones.


  1. I'm pretty sure that photo is from Mumbai...not Delhi.

  2. You are right. The error is regretted. Thanks for pointing it out