Saturday, October 31, 2015

Airport Bonanza- UDF at Hyderabad- Designed to increase fares!

Neelam Mathews
Oct 31, 2015

All that fanfare about the draft aviation policy (watch this space!) and how the aam admi is going to fly etc etc and news coming in that pax will have to pay a UDF at Hyderabad of Re 485 on domestic tickets and Re 2000 on international!
Really Mr AERA/ MOCA! So much for capping of fares-lets have a standardization in your thinking.
By the way, as prices squeeze us the middle class, banish any thoughts of that hoped for year-end travel. Domestic fares as a result will go up on an average of 25% between Bangalore and Hyderabad and 10% between Hyd and Delhi. As for Hyd- international destinations, expect an increase of atleast 40%!
Happy New Year.

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