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Air India’s new psychometric tests criticized by would-be pilots

Neelam Mathews
June 4 2015

 London Heathrow, United Kingdom - May 25, 2013: An Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner with the registration VT-ANK on approach to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in the United Kingdom. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the world's first major airliner to use composite materials in the construction of its airframe. Air India is the flag carrier airline of India with 99 planes in operation.
Psychologist: “How will you handle a pax if he is unruly inflight?’
Trainee Pilot: “I will follow all Standard Operating Procedures.”
Psy: “What if the airline has no SOPs?”
TP: “I’ll then ask the lead crew to be assertive.”
Psy: “What if the unruly pax is a VIP?”
TP: “I will warn him and ask male crew to help me isolate him in the cabin.
Psy: “Suppose if there is no male crew…?”
And the psychologist went on to ask the trainee not only the rules regarding the alcohol limit for passengers, but under what section/page it appears in the regulator’s rule book.
Frankly, if an airline has no SOPs to handle unruly passengers, it has no business being in business. But that’s beside the point. The conversation above is a snippet from a recent 10-20 minute “psychometric test” carried out for the first time by national carrier Air India and an Indian Air Force psychologist on young aspirant pilots applying for jobs at the airline.
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