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Star Alliance sees unity in diversity of culture and product

Neelam Mathews
Dec 19 2014

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NEW DELHI: In an era of globalization, increasingly there is a tendency to standardize culture. In this rush to be part of an international cluster, one could easily lose track of the city one is visiting given the disappearance of the national dress and to an extent, local cuisine. It comes as a breath of fresh air when airlines take that extra step to retain a whiff of the best of their national identity. This is apparent in Star Alliance, a membership club of 28 airlines that propagates unity in diversity.
Easier said than done? “Not so,” said Star spokesman Christian Klick this week during the alliance’s CEO board meeting in New Delhi. Klick firmly believes that each member airline projects its attitude in service, food, cabin interiors, and crew uniforms, and each makes a big effort to project its uniqueness.
Airline logos and aircraft liveries are powerful national symbols. From Lufthansa’s crane, THAI’s lotus and Air India’s Maharajah to the SWISS flag and Air New Zealand’s Koru (Maori for ‘loop’), the images are timeless and used in every aspect of design.
2004: Lufthansa Quick Check-in // 2004: Lufthansa Quick Check-in
Lufthansa Quick Check-in

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