Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exclusive! Avro Replacement- Credibility-An Outdated Word?

Neelam Mathews
Sept 2, 2014

Extending dates for opening of tenders is so routine that it is not even news anymore. 

As the world waited for baited breath for Aug 28 to dawn and for India's first private manufactured aircraft program to unveil, without any explanation, we hear, OEMs were told the date has now been extended to Oct 22. Really! A day before Diwali? And thats going to happen?!
If our calculations are correct , this is the fifth extension. Beginning to think there's a trend here.....

We can only speculate why this is happening by a government that calls itself proactive and one that must move fast before its credibility takes a bolt-

1. They want to dunk the tender
2. We are hearing Alenia with its 27J did want want to participate and has not spoken to any Indian partners. This could be a lack of clear guidelines on the part of the MoD for the past year on blacklisting, not sure whether it wants to blacklist who, why, when or not. 
3. They are still waiting for HAL to perform a miracle.
4. They don't have at least two contenders-as Antonov has enough problems going on of its own. This single vendor  policy needs to be re-looked at.
5. Who cares?

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