Sunday, April 27, 2014

EXCLUSIVE! Jet Airways – A special gift to Business Travelers on May 5?

Neelam Mathews
April 27, 2014

As Jet Airways inches towards its 25th anniversary on May 5- or is it the 26th? as people have different modes of calculation- AerospaceDiary has learnt an all- business class service on B737-900 could be started between Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai. We hear the aircraft is being reconfigured presently, but could not confirm this.                  
While many would look at this as a gutsy step given that it were to happen, and with the economy not having bounced back, a ministry official here informed us the seats could be between 78- 92. Presently, Jet Airways has 28 business class seats on the sector. This could be in the footsteps of its partner Etihad Airways that is believed to be looking at a similar service from Abu Dhabi to London.

While many might wonder whether load factors will meet expectations, we hear Jet has managed to woo its business customers as in the days of yore. “Even Air India’s late night flight has a full business class to Delhi with majority of passengers culminating their flight in Delhi,” we are told. One does wonder, how much IndiGo’s efficient operations including its OTP, will stop pax returning to Jet?
Ofcourse, there is that vital issue of pricing. As one budget carrier official told us: “The question is, will they be pricing their business class at economy prices?” Meanwhile, for the sake of Indian aviation and industry, and in the hope the economy will return with a bounce, we wish Jet a Happy Birthday.
And, do watch this space- much much more is in the air!


  1. This will suceed in the Del-Mum sector.

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