Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Breaking! India Acts- Courtesy FAA

Posted by Neelam Mathews
     Jan 29, 2014

Apparently the threat of downgrade has finally made MoCA act-
Here's a Press Release-
The Government has approved creation of 75 posts in Flight Standards Directorate (FSD) in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) comprising of Chief Flight Operation Inspector (CFOI), Deputy Chief Flight Operation Inspectors (Dy.CFOIs), Senior Flight Operation Inspectors (Senior FOIs) and Flight Operation Inspectors (FOIs). These 75 posts have been created on the basis of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards and are meant for both, aircraft and helicopter operations. It has also been decided, in principle, to pay the incumbents to be recruited against these posts as per the industry standard. The details of 75 posts are as follows:- 
Name of Post
No. of Posts
Dy. FOIs
Dy. FOIs

The FSD of DGCA conducts inspection of scheduled  and non-scheduled operators including their air-crew for certification of the airline after ensuring implementation of relevant rules and regulations laid down in the Aircraft Rules, Civil Aviation Requirements (CARs) and Aviation Information Circulars (AICs). The functions of FSD also include safety oversight functions, training programmes of airline operators, standardization of trainee of captains, certification of airline operators, examination of operational documents and other examinations. These functions are performed through surveillance checks involving cockpit en-route inspections, cabin inspections, ramp inspections, station facility inspections, proficiency checks, simulator evaluation and main base inspections. 
There are specific duties assigned to the incumbents of various posts. Till now, the DGCA did not have any regular FOIs and Commanders/Pilots from the scheduled airlines were seconded to DGCA to carry out these functions. These Commanders/Pilots were paid by the respective airlines and not by the DGCA. Because of this, there was a probability of conflict of interest while carrying out the said functions of FSD. This issue was also pointed out by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) during its audit. Creation of these posts followed by recruitment will not only address the finding of FAA but also strengthen the FSD removing any possibility of conflict of interest.
FAA, during its audit in September last year pointed out 31 findings out of which 29 findings have completely been addressed by the DGCA. The rest two, which involves creation and recruitment of posts in FSD and training of Airworthiness Officers for different kind of planes owned by non-scheduled operators, have also been partially completed with the creation of these posts and scheduling and commencement of training for five groups of aircraft and helicopters (turboprop aeroplane, jet engine aeroplane, piston engine aeroplane, piston engine helicopters and turbine engine helicopter) operated by non-scheduled operators. The training is likely to be completed by the end of March this year. The recruitment rules for the newly created posts are in the final stage and the process of recruitment is likely to start in February this year.  This will  be completed within a very short period of time.
In the meantime, to avoid any conflict of interest, DGCA have appointed 18 CFOIs/FOIs on contract basis to be paid by the Government. These Inspectors shall be paid the same salary by the DGCA as they were receiving in their respective airlines. The Government is also  in the final stage of creation of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The Bill is already pending in the Parliament and comments of the Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture have also been received. The Ministry of Civil Aviation is making all efforts to ensure that the Bill is passed in the coming session of the Parliament.

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