Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who Are We Fooling?

Neelam Mathews
Nov 11, 2013

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Even as the contract for the MMRT remains suspended because a Joint Secretary has yet to take the place of Arun Kumar Bal, who sadly passed away in Oct, there is some action-if you can it that- on the Agusta Westland front. 

The company has been given 15 more days to answer the Final Show Cause Notice even as the 21 day deadline crosses its mark.

All one can say is that it looks like a long ride to hell for the IAF. If AW did not reply to the MoD, is it an affront or just a case of memory loss? Isn't this the second show cause notice? If it holds any weight, why not start the proceedings? Alternatively, do we have a case without proof?

Lets face it. There's little the govt can do. Gone are the days of the Iron Curtain. The reality is dawning fast. Play the rules of global governance, or get ready to have slush thrown in your backyard. 

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